Orchestra vs Mezzanine

Posted by Yvonne 
Orchestra vs Mezzanine
January 17, 2005 08:38AM
Saw a thread on this but have trawled through & done a keyword search with not luck so hope you can help me out.

1. Given "cheap" show tickets would you opt for orchestra or mezzanine and why?

2. If given a choice of seating within orchestra or mezzanine which seats are the best option in both?

Many thanks
Re: Orchestra vs Mezzanine
January 17, 2005 12:53PM
Orchestra seats are right in front. Mezzanine is on the second level up top, could be in the front of the mezzanine, which wouldn't be bad, but could be far back too.
Re: Orchestra vs Mezzanine
January 17, 2005 02:17PM
It's a personal preference. Lots of people prefer the front mezz to the orchestra. I'm happiest for most shows to be in about 5th-10th row of the orchestra, just off the aisle. If you're watching from the mezz you're looking down at the performers. Personally, I find it loses a bit of the magic. I'll give you a couple of examples from shows I've seen many times from many different locations in the same theater. From the orchestra seats in "Phantom," it really looks like Raoul is jumping into the lake; if you're upstairs you're able to see the holes in the stage floor. When their smoke machine isn't in top form, from above you can see the boat moving along a dry wood floor; from below it looks fabulous. And I remember in "Les Miz," from the orchestra you didn't see the giant turntable, you just saw the actors slowly circle the stage for entrances and exits. From upstairs it looked silly, IMHO.

In some theaters though, what they call the mezz is more of a raised area of the rear orchestra. The Richard Rodgers theater's mezzanine is wonderful because you're just eye level with the performers.

And then, it'll depend on how close to the stage you are. For a show like "Wicked," if you're at the rear of the orchestra, the overhanging front mezzanine blocks your view of the dragon that sits atop the proscenium. Same with "Phantom," where the overhang blocks not only the chandelier, but the Phantom's entrance in the second act from behind the angel on top of the proscenium.

(O.k., I'm a bit obsessive. I know.)
Re: Orchestra vs Mezzanine
March 20, 2005 05:02PM
It really depends on the show, for instance the LION KING is best viewed from the Front Mezz

most dramas are best from the front row

I would rather be in the Front of the Mezz, then be in the Rear of the Orch for any show
explorer pass
August 08, 2008 08:50PM
after all, which is bether "explorer pass" or "city pass"?
Re: Orchestra vs Mezzanine
November 21, 2015 05:19PM
I am going to les mis at the imperial and trying to decide on tickets. I have front row orchestra , side orchestra about 5 rows back, or front mezz on the second row back near the center. which would be best in that theater!??? You seem to be an expert! I would love your advice!
Re: Orchestra vs Mezzanine
November 22, 2015 06:51PM
I haven't seen the current revival, but I'd avoid front row orchestra seats anyway. It's way too close, you're usually craning your neck to look up, and you're likely to be showered with spit every time a big song is belted out. I'd go for the center mezz tickets.
Re: Orchestra vs Mezzanine
November 22, 2015 11:58PM
I just saw Les Miz last night. Sat in orchestra row L, right of stage, first four seats off center aisle. Good seats.
Re: Orchestra vs Mezzanine
February 23, 2017 06:26PM
You are not obsessive. You are optimal for full effect. Talent along with a great show does not impact where one sits, but true effect has no replacement.

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