First time in NYC, suggestions/food. (BUDGET)

Posted by LDavis47 
First time in NYC, suggestions/food. (BUDGET)
April 13, 2015 11:20AM
Hello Im planning a trip to NYC with a friend at the beginning of May, we are on a tight budget, can you recommend good cheap hotels, close to the main things and must eats(keep in mind budget).TIA
Re: First time in NYC, suggestions/food. (BUDGET)
April 14, 2015 05:19AM
If I were you I would try using priceline for a hotel - I did recently and got a great deal. You could end up getting a better hotel than you think you can afford. Otherwise, why not get a hotel over in Long Island City or Sunnyside, Queens? It's a very quick ride in to manhattan, on the 7 subway line. There is a La Quinta, a Quality Inn, and many more, and it will be way less money than manhattan (and breakfast in the area will be cheaper too!). I just googled "hotels 11104" ( that is the zip code of Sunnyside) and the La Quinta is $108/night, Quality Inn $93/night. Check it out.

Eat slices of pizza for lunch! They're delicious, cheap, available all over the place, and you'll have fun testing out all the different pizza. Or, you'll see food carts all around, which are also quite inexpensive and can have really tasty food.
Re: First time in NYC, suggestions/food. (BUDGET)
April 19, 2015 11:20AM
Thanks for the great info. we was thinking of getting a travel agent, cause this seems like alot of work to plan this trip and try to stay on budget.
I was reminded last night of a great, inexpensive, fun restaurant - haven't been there in ages but went last night:
Arturo's on W. Houston St.
You could have a great meal there for a reasonable price. And it's a fun place, you'll like it.
Have to say Outback Steakhouse .
I think it's on 23rd street nereby 5th Avenue.
Have a 12 oz Outback Special with two sides for $20 - it's great every time
Damn I'm longing to get back to NYC........NeXT year maybe tongue sticking out smiley
Re: First time in NYC, suggestions/food. (BUDGET)
May 24, 2015 11:19PM
The Outback is a chain restaurant and I do not go to New York to go to a chain. There are so many other restaurants you can go to that are reasonably priced in any part of the city. Pretty much on every block there is a place you can eat for $ or $$. That is the magic of NYC. Do not be afraid to venture ou.
Re: First time in NYC, suggestions/food. (BUDGET)
June 01, 2015 12:21PM
There is no way I would go to NYC and go to a chain restaurant. Thanks tho..seems that there is not a lot of people reply here to people who are non-New yorkers.LOL
Yeah well - didn't write to offend anyone.smileys with beer
It's just that I've been there maybe 20-30 times and the service is always excellent and the food always a super experience.
If it is a chain - hmmmm doesn't make the big difference for me.
I just focus on the food and it's always superb here.....

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