Through my years of attending dance performances, one of my greatest joys is discovering small companies and watching them develop. They are like perennial plants and with every performance, they bloom into fruition in greater abundance and variety. Watching them arise upon the steps of different stages provides perspective. Seeing them change and react to events through time provides a contact with the world that is the pure and honest feeling that only dance can express.

The small dance festivals prove to be the best places for these discoveries. The festivals are like anthologies, offering a diverse assortment of styles and techniques. New York City remains the dance capital of the world. At times, this can be overwhelming. But the festivals provide the opportunity to see an assortment of short performances so the members of the audience may find the companies that best suit their tastes, pique their interest and electrify their lives. We must always remember that the titans placed at the greatest prominence today, emerged from the most humble beginnings and harrowing struggles. And to see promising talent arise at its earliest stages, is one of the most precious and prized experiences of life.

This week, the Queensboro Dance Festival is showcasing 18 small companies for 6 nights at the Secret Theater in Long Island City. All the companies are based in Queens and they offer a variety of dance. Without question, a number of the companies are of talent to note.

Photo of Neville Dance Theatre.  Photo by Rachel Neville.


Garrett Buhl Robinson is a poet and novelist living in Brooklyn.

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