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About Big Apple Greeter

Established in 1992, Big Apple Greeter is a “welcome visitor” program whose aim is to introduce foreign and domestic visitors to a “New Yorker’s New York.” A large network of volunteer Greeters help visitors to feel welcome and comfortable and to make the most out of their stay in the world’s most exciting and diverse city. Our goal is to encourage visitors to return to New York again and again. As a non-profit voluntary organization, Big Apple Greeter receives financial support from New York City’s business and philanthropic communities, and offers its services to visitors free of charge. Greeters do not accept tips.

Who Is A Big Apple Greeter?

Nearly 400 adults of all ages, from all of the five boroughs of New York City have volunteered to become Greeters. Each is eager to portray his or her enthusiastic view of New York City. More than 20 foreign languages are spoken among the volunteer Greeters.

What Does A Greeter Actually Do?

Share with a visitor what life in New York is really like by walking in their own neighborhood, or a neighborhood familiar to the Greeter-not just to see the well known sights of New York, but to highlight the little things that distinguish one New York neighborhood from another. Share with visitors the wonders of New York’s mass transit system using FUN PASSES generously donated by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.


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