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Pet the lamb that thinks it’s a dog!

I inadvertently stumbled across this clip while browsing random videos on YouTube, a viral sensation to say the least. This video is interesting because environment and surroundings undermined the Lamb’s biological functions; the implications are—the physiological features and gradual development of complex organisms are prone to changes in order to integrate and adapt to their environment.

It’s an intriguing phenomenon indeed; conditions and surroundings influencing the brain-chemistry of animate and organic “matter” (living organisms), and the irony of such a notion. How does the grandeur scheme of an ecological system predicate a confluence between physiological functions and environmental factors? It reminds me of Hegelian Dialectic; “Thesis and Antithesis, Synthesis;” thesis being the intellectual proposition, antithesis negating the thesis, and synthesis resolving the conflict between the thesis and antithesis. Causing a unified whole between mutually exclusive parts, forming a new theory.

It’s equivalent to the physiological functions or ingrained processes of the Lamb being the thesis, the ecology of the environment being the antithesis, which contrasts the thesis, causing the synthesis–a unified whole between mutually exclusive parts. (Lamb mimics Dog).. This video is truly a study in the field of “Comparative Psychology and Ethology,” the behavior and mental processes of animals. Human supersedes animal in terms of complex social structures and sophisticated systems of governing a community, country or region as a collective group.

Here’s the perfect biological metaphor to encapsulate the perpetual rivalry between “talent vs practice,” an unorthodox idiom pervasive in online forums, social-mediums and other interactive platforms. Talent or natural aptitude seems inadvertent, meaning it’s not conjured up to facilitation, and there’s no denying the power of “innateness;” however, the overall ecology of an environment is quite salient in this YouTube video.

Parring the physiology of animal functions with the ecology of environments, we’d assume the former would be the dominant factor because it’s biologically ingrained, and the latter would be the subordinate because of the spatial factors involved. Ironically, spatial influence plays a primary role in animals developmental behavior. This reminds me of the disparity between metaphors and metonyms in literary devices, (Linguistics). They’re both conducive to finding commonality between different forms of existence, however, metonyms correlation is within a spatial substitutional reasoning, whereas a metaphor is a direct correlation.

Environment can nurture a prerequisite or exacerbate it into oblivion; hence the reason a profound musician in their adolescence stages, may develop practice-etiquette from his/her family influence; although exceptions to the rules are always a discourse; like autism, savant, aspergers and other spectrum disorders conducive to inborn traits, or the natural susceptibility, tenacity or diligence towards an infatuation. We cannot omit the fact that there’s a myriad of internal and external dynamics that predicates the prolific attributions of human fruition, but the transparency of ecological systems do influence physiological processes.

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The NYPD union president lambasted Mayor Bill de Blasio in reaction to the broad daylight execution of two police officers. Patrick Lynch is the president of the “Patrolman Benevolent Association” (PBA), he said,


(There's blood on many hands tonight, and those that incited violence on this street under the guise of protest, that tried to tear down what New York City police officers did everyday....."We tried to warn it must not go on, it cannot be tolerated. That blood on the hands starts on the steps of city hall in the office of the mayor).

Patrick Lynch is insinuating that Bill de Blasio’s incendiary anti-cop rhetoric incited the division between the police and the community, and subsequently predicated the murder of two police officers. Clearly the dichotomy precedes de Blasio’s statement; meaning, if there’s a discrepancy between the police provision of services and the publics experience, disparaging Bill de Blasio for supporting the protest and using anti-cop rhetoric is rogue and deviates from the imperative nature of a precipitating situation. Patrick Lynch have encapsulated three irony under his illogical belt, effortlessly, and not to mention his verbal debris scatters— fragments of fallacies.

Emphasizing; Patrick Lynch, is the president of “Patrolman Benevolent Association;” benevolent means, “well meaning and kind,” but his belligerence against Bill de Blasio is indeed ironic. Two; his metonymic use of the phrase, (that blood on the hands starts on the steps of city hall in the office of the mayor), seems in stark contrast of what he’s opposing. Remember his initial contention was centered around de Blasio supporting the rallies and inciting a devision between the protesters and the police with anti-cop rhetoric? Now his lobbying criticism is inciting the NYPD against Bill de Blasio.

Police officers also turned their backs to Mayor de Blasio Saturday night in Woodhull Hospital, in defiance–complete insubordination of his authority. Also, petitions calling for the Mayors resignation on received over 50,000 signatures in response to the execution of the two police officers; Lynch anti-mayor rhetoric have persuasive repercussions and major political implications. Second irony, and the third irony is rather peculiar because it’s the synergy of the first and second irony, because of their concurrent intertwined nature; “benevolently-lambasting and reverse-rhetoric.”

Patrick Lynch and Bill de Blasio used equatable rhetorics, the only distinctions are, “who started it first,” which serves no precedence in the bigger spectrum of things. Lynch has chastised City Hall on numerous occasions, rivaling over contractual negotiations and binding arbitration etc—and his caustic metaphoric-euphemisms such as, “mopes” and “skells” are benevolently modest indeed!!! At 51-year-old he’s a prominent staple in the nations largest police union since 1999. Although “Eric Garner’s” death during a police officers fatal chokehold is a snippet of the bigger picture, the Staten Island grand jury’s decision to not indict the officer sparked the rallies.

The chained tandem of protest precedes back to Ferguson, and the domino-effect gradually promulgated wherever similar injustices protruded its head. The gunned down officers “Wenjian Liu” and “Rafael Ramos,” unified the Patrol Benevolent Association PBA; however, Patrick Lynch upcoming election challenge is in June; and although his objectives are centered around speaking on behalf of his union constituency, while ostracizing de Blasio for siding with the protesters, one cannot deny the political innuendos involved; “perseverance.” Bill de Blasio has had numerous discussions with his biracial son about avoidance and caution when dealing with police officers, and that’s a viable gesture to adolescence across all platforms–not anti-cop rhetoric.

Bill de Blasio incited anti-police campaign last year when he ran for the mayoral office, so in retrospect, that residue has lingered from the past to haunt him. This protagonist antagonist rivalry predates back to a myriad of political disparity between Lynch and de Blasio, subsequently foreshadowing every facet of what we’re seeing currently. Who will take on the prevalent role in this political script is truly a quandary.

Law enforcement that lacks accountability, and their improper and unacceptable behaviors should be culpably neglected from their duties, without any sense of impunity. However, police justices, impartiality, the eradication of crime-ridden environments, and the altruistic nature of some police officers are latent to the media, and usually fades into oblivion. New York City crime has historically cascaded in every category, from; larceny, homicide, robberies etc—surely some merits of credulity towards the NYPD is well deserved.

How can we disregard the idiosyncratic nature of the media, the primary perpetrators of impartial information, the largest elephant in the room. The prominent contenders in the charade of rhetorics, using mass communications such as; Television, Radio, Newspapers, Internet etc— Conspicuously aggregating and curating news of specificity to a niche audience is shenanigan. Knowingly, it’ll spark remonstration and partition the publics ambivalent subservience towards police officers. This is not insinuating the irrelevance of the information, but the media’s packaging of information into categories and sections can offset an impartial consensus.

The media plays an imperative role in the underlying rhetoric pervading these chains of rivalry between the police and communities. The problem is not politics or disparity in discourse, it’s ideology and ego; if these prominent figures would hold a press conference and ruminate these paramount subject matters nationally, debate these issues, broadcast it live, integrate the public as part of the discourse— the protest, rallies and other remonstration would halt instantaneously. Settling these issues don’t require a profound intellectual capacity, just a willingness to remove their self-esteem to create a resolution, before it exacerbate more casualties of innocence.

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Today I’m strumming my instrument and pondering on the oblivious nature of organic acoustic-sound, we’re aware of progressions, keys, chord constructions and musical structure, but the rudimentary nature of sound itself is an independent factor that seems less-absorbed in the musical passage of time. The idea of musicians and non-musicians can attribute the same emotional appeal to particular chords or progressions have always yearned my curiosity and gleaned me towards the fundamental laws that govern these appeals. Psychophysics is a branch of psychology that study’s the relationship between physiological stimulation and mental phenomenon.

My attraction to psychophysics were because of certain chords that moved me, primarily sus4 chords and its unresolved nature, its airy quality is melodic and soothing to the ear. They’re magnificent alternative power-chords and very pervasive amongst singers and song writers. How about the magnificent wonders of polyrhythms? The ability to incorporate a myriad of melodies simultaneously. Baseline, Harmony, Melody and Percussion, while maintaining the rhythm synchronously within the time-signature. Here’s a prime illustration of polyrhythm, this video went viral in a week, remember my playability far exceeds this video, it was my first polyrhythmic attempt and extremely successful.

I GOT A FEELING – Black Eyed Peas

Demystifying a song you hear on the radio always seem like a conundrum, an exceptional ability bestowed upon a chosen anointed, a divine intervention predicating the gift of the highest musical attainment. Perfect pitch, relative pitch and the gift to regurgitate or mimic any song that pervades your ear, to many it’s a far-fetch notion, while others immerse themselves in the arrangement wonders, mingling in the joys and admiration of creative spurs that protrudes the instrument.

Music theory like many field is complexed and filled with jargon and terms that generally baffle beginners, and what makes playing an instrument a little more intricate is not just the theoretical aspect of learning, but the physical application and ear development that comes with the artistic territory. I’m writing this article pondering on the nature of “Ask A Newyorker” readers, and I understand not every reader is an aspiring musician or song writer.

Hence the reason I’ve designated a separate article that goes into more in-depth music theory, psychophysics, Polyrhythm, and the demystification of popular pop-songs. Invariably, breaking down a song into its tinniest fragments and understanding the fundamental starts with unravelling the direction the progression is moving. Remember my method is subjective, another musician may start with the key, baseline, melody or just the overall percussive or rhythmic sound. Please click on this link to read the full article ——-

Psychophysics, Polyrhythm and The Demystification of Music PT2

Also here’s an interesting paper I wrote exploring the rudiments of sound emanation and how it effects different variables when it travels. Amplitude is the maximum extent of a vibration or oscillation, and frequencies are the rate at which wavelength occurs per cycle. Velocity is the measurement of speed at which something propagates. This paper relates to physics and can adjacent the musical subject.
The Trichotomy Between Amplitude, Frequency and Velocity

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The sense of smell seems to share a common denominator with light and sound, an association with our senses and its ability to travel. Lights velocity is the fundamental constant of the universe with a velocity of over 186,000 miles per second, while sound propagates at over 700 miles per hour. The inner-workings between light and sound is a paradox when parring as a synergy. They’re synonymous in how they propagate, but in stark contrast in their medium of travel.

Light can travel in a vacuum but sound cannot; light propagates as packets of massless particles called photons, while sound propagates through the collision of air molecules. Both phenomenon are illustrated using two dimensional schematic representation of how light and sound propagates. So there’s a wavelength commonality but a medium disparity.

Smell is emitted when molecules evaporate and collide with other molecules in the atmosphere, when smell evaporates from a source it expands and permeates the air. If the movement of the air in the atmosphere offsets the movement of the dispersing scent, the smell will travel faster to your nose. If the air is stagnated or lacks movement the smell will dissipate.

If the scent arose from a friction, or the impact from a tension or mass of an object, the energy will vibrate with air molecules causing the sound waves to propagate at a velocity. However, the smell is an independent factor. The objects mass, tension or impact affects the frequency or amplitude of the sound, but the smell will permeate the air and dissipate independent to the sound.

Ever noticed the volume of someone’s fart doesn’t determine how fast the smell pervades the surrounding? Meaning, smell is independent to sound regardless of whether the odor emanated from a sound producing medium. Someone with an unpleasant breath or poor hygiene is only noticeable within close proximity, regardless of their pipe lung capacity and poor diaphragm control, (euphemism for being loud).

There’s a myriad of external factors that determine the diffusion and predictability of scent emission; wind speed, air density, pressure etc. A fleeting aroma can also rekindle inadvertent childhood memories, which does incur a much deeper level of discourse, one that foreshadows the relationship smell has with sound and light. Quite an indirect phenomenon indeed, the velocity in which smell induces our mental faculty, “instantaneously.”

Below articles I’ve written on similar subjects. “Vibrating molecules and elliptical bubbles” explores the improper metaphor used to illustrate propagating sound. “Musical octaves and wave-particle duality” uses musical octaves as a metaphor to explain the ambiguous nature of light, and “the paradox of light and sound inducing synesthesia” embodies the synergetic nature of both light and sound.

Vibrating Molecules and Elliptical Bubbles
Musical Octaves and Wave-Particle Duality
The Paradox of Light and Sound Induces Synesthesia

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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of depression induced during whether change; primarily around winter months mood-swings are quite pervasive, and during summer the spirit uplifting becomes more prevalent. Let’s exclude therapy, antidepressants and other attributes, and specifically focus on the inherent correlation between weather conditions and our physiological mechanisms.

Light stimulates a powerful effect on the brains cognition according to Science Daily, recent discoveries of a light sensitive cell called “photoreceptor,” has been the central component in relating light information to the non-visual centers of the brain. During animal research non-visual functions were disrupted in the absence of the photoreceptors, meaning the behavioral variables deriving from our physiological mechanism is conducive to the non-visual robust effect of light, it reminds me of “Botany” (study of plants).

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants manufacture food in their leaves by the process of water, air and sunlight. And in marijuana, the (THC) Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive ingredient that induces the psychological effect, the translucent or semitransparent compound relies on extracting energy from the sunlight as part of its complexed formation. Also, people with cases of depression are more likely to suffer impaired cognitive function during reduced light as opposed to someone without depression

Let’s take a nonlinear non-scientific approach to the effect of weather, and explore two key areas; “The Placebo Effects of Metaphors” and “The Subtlety of Movie Rhetorics.” The placebo effect is the administering of ineffective medication, or the behavior or health improvement is not attributed to whats administered; thus rendering the mind over matter “idiom.” It is where an ineffective prescription, procedure or treatment is given to cure any disease, illness or injury. The indirect cure derives in a patients belief in whats administered.

The Placebo Effect of Metaphors, is where we extract “metaphoric conditions” and ascribe negative connotations to human experience and certain facial gestures; like “sad,” to which ironically is the acronym attributed to “Sleep Affective Disorder,” or attributing “foggy-head” as a result of chronic mind altering substance usage. Weather conditions seems to be a primary source for metaphorical expressions; from foggy-head, under-the-weather or hazy. Pokerface attributed to cold expression, while distress and depression is associated with gloomy conditions. It classically trains us to embrace certain weather conditions with a peculiar sense of pessimism, although the food we’re consuming is contingent on these conditions. ironic indeed…!

The Subtlety of Movie Rhetorics, where there’s a symbiosis between atmospheric conditions and a fictitious scene; graveyard, haunted house, or any scenario conducive to an uncannily striking surprise, tends to be associated with dark, gray and gloomy weathers. Conversely, a bright summers breeze would demystify the glory of a graveyard ambush, removing the enigma of suspense. The weather conditions we’re oblivious to in a movie-scene lays dormant in our subconscious, until you’re in the park alone and a dark gloomy overhead cloud strikes lightening. The scenario evokes memories of what was once viewed as a fictitious simulation.

Weather conditions can cause a sense of indoor-isolation, and being constricted from extracurricular activities can induce a gloomy psychological state; however, invariably as it seems there are exceptions to the rule. Gloomy, rainy, cloudy days may spur creativity and enhance innovation to others, an anomaly very seldom pondered on in the myriad of articles that promulgate our virtual highway. I have an intrinsic appreciation for dark, gray, gloomy evening when the poring-rain splatters on my rooftop, it elicits a state of serenity, and the overall tranquility is a fleeting moment in time. One I wish to be perpetual.

Visit my Official Website where i discuss a variety of metaphors; including, logical, propagating, arbitrary and obscure metaphors. In the field of physics, biology, linguistics and botany!

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Pride and Vanity are mutually exclusive in terms of what they represent, although both words are used interchangeably. The former is having an intrinsic satisfaction over ones accomplishments, while the latter is conducive to excessive infatuation for ones appearance, opinions and abilities. The media has played an influential role in shaping our moral values, through mediums such as; television, internet, radio, newspapers and magazines. It has truly been a persuasive rhetoric in our moral values.

Example; “Beauty is skin deep,” the idiom that has promulgated the world, while superficial values have saturated our society; the vanity of self-indulgence, the megalomaniacs and narcissists infatuated with power and material-aesthetics. Conceited in ones own artificial luxury, and the vain of self-righteousness, while loathing to any external forces that infringes or hinders that flaky illusion of a security. Dwindling in a fragile ego while being a parasite to materialism.

Or the irony of mans hypocrisy, idolizing a deistic, pantheistic or external divine intervention as the cosmic narrator, only to wither back to hedonism after a fleeting debate with an atheist over the chaos vs narratives of the universe. Then indulging in a backyard orgy while sipping on Diva Vodka, Spluch, Tequila or Chateau Lafite. Puffing Sativa Dominant high-grade buds, while Victoria Secret Models satisfies your every sexual innuendos. Lusting over a woman’s protruding chest-organs, while craving her genitals, oblivious to the relevance of her personality.

The latent appreciation for materialism dwells in the solitude of our minds, fearing to be socially-ostracized if you openly conjure up to such merits. Embracing the aesthetics of materialism as the epitome or hallmark of human value is always reciprocated with disdain. The taboos of materialistic pursuit is indeed the antithesis of human depth and spirituality. Our inherent money-oriented materialistic society seems contingent on our survival indeed; so what’s wrong with a magnificent 24k Cuban Gold Chain, the 2015 Bentley Continental GTC, or the Air Jordan X1 Sneakers?

You enter the art-museum with perfect posture, sundering to the different forms of art; from Surrealism, Pointillism, Impressionism, Realism to Cubism, while engulfing yourself in the arbitrariness of abstract-painting, connoting a subjective meaning because of your intrinsic infatuation for literary and artistic creativity, one that captivates your experience. You then immerse into myriad forms of meditative practices to induce the state of lucidity, marinating your thoughts in spirituality and finding tranquility in what you deem meaningful. Rapaciously devouring books, swallowing every form of fiction, non-fiction, magazine or newspapers that encapsulates your heart and soul.

Then enjoying an evening of social discourse in the coffee-shop, over the American Revolution, Civil War, Civil Rights Movement, World War II, Philosophy, Archeology, The Stock-Market, Investing, Global Economy, The Industrial Revolution or the Rise of Capitalism. Traveling the world and embracing the cultural dichotomy between the East and the West; or maybe you’ll grab a backpack and hike the highest mountains of “wherever” to find solitude. Leaving a trail of condescension behind, towards anyone that fails to par with your intellectual quest and divine excellence!

The essence of artificial appearance and the delusion of superficiality seems to be profoundly engrained in our psyche. Shallowness and the inexorable quest for quantity over quality contradicts the core meaning of human depth. Ironically, an intrinsic or deep-seeded desire that extends far beyond the surface is also the quintessential of human attainment. How can both mutually exclusive ideology pervade our society with such conviction?

Because human fallibility makes us folly to such idiosyncrasies, we fluctuate back-and-forth; today you’re marinating your lips on the high-protein in a T-Bone Steak, and tomorrow you’re a pescetarian chastising meat-eaters. Today you’re infatuated with girls, but after perpetual rejections you become a flaming misogynist; the 300lbs, monogamist nice-guy loses weight, gains a six-pack and becomes a staunch womanizer. You criticize marijuana or alcohol users until you get high. It is as if our predicament is the major predicating factor as to how we objectify our ideology in the world.

My facetious poke towards spiritual values and material possessions are tantamount; meaning, neither can offset each other. Nevertheless; opposing forces balances each other out, because they’re contingent on each other. There’s a subtle repel from both perspectives, as each idolizes his/her existential objectives as being superior to the other. Confounding as it seems, one cannot preclude, that the wisdom of spirituality and the vanity of superficiality is the essence of a social-equilibrium!

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Quantum Entanglement is pervasively known as The God Effect, it’s the synchronicity between spatially separated particles on an infinitesimally subatomic scale regardless of their distance. When entanglement occurs, there’s a correlation between their momentum, velocity and spin in their state of entanglement, and their speed in which information propagates between particles seem instantaneous, regardless of their fluctuation in space. An inseparable relationship first introduced by Erwin Schrodinger in 1935.

Space is just an illusional construct where subatomic particles or objects are perceived independent or separate from each other; However, experiments show there’s a close harmonious relationship between electrons, protons and other particles in spatial distance. I know I’m beginning to sound monotonous, but I’m actually reiterating the same phenomenon in different ways, but imagine spinning an electron and a distant electron simultaneously mimics the other as if there’s a physical connection.

It’s like the “Chameleon Effect” in psychology, where vocabulary, posture, mannerism, facial expression and all other physical orchestrations become a non-conscious mimicry between complete strangers; an immediate obligation to parity the behavior of your interactive partner, rather than offset the dialogue in your social environment.

A personality transition that seems pervasive amongst empathic individuals. I’ve encountered a myriad of scenarios where I’ve greeted someone with a polite “good evening!” and when asked, “how’s my day?” I replied with “splendid,” their motor behavior unintentionally matched to my behavior.

Indeed; we can analogically correlate the “Chameleon Effect” to “Quantum Entanglement;” ironically it’s already a metaphor attributed to the “Chameleon;” a lizard that changes its color during mating season to adapt to its environment and as a defense mechanism. The real objective of this paper is to bridge the gaps between quantum entanglement and the phenomenon of coincidences, and in doing so I hope to create a fictitious hypothetical scenario everyone can relate to.

A coincidence is the correlation between mutually exclusive scenarios, situations or events, one which seems arbitrary or conducive to a narrative. You envision a colleague and the phone rings concurrently, (colleague). You’re in the park reading a book on “Lepidoptera,” which is a branch of Biology that studies Moths and Butterflies.

While reading up on “transparent butterflies,” the enchanted glass-winged butterfly plunges to your lap. Its docile flaps of subtlety is but a subtle appreciated disturbance, you experience a euphoria that’s sublime while your mind appeases in a moment of solitude.

The butterfly’s translucent wings is an aesthetic rarity, a tropical gem that shimmers in the sunlight, and its exotic traits is an exhibition to watch. It’s an enchanting species that seduces you into a magical moment in time, and in the midst of your fleeting glimpse the butterfly is gone with the wind, as it prances sporadically into the cold desert air!

You pause! pantomiming in humility to the inexplicable phenomenon, while rendering complete servitude to its vulnerability and fragility. A sense of materialism distracts the moment and triggers you back into the automatism and monotony of life. The observation withers into the gaps of history, while the vague residue of an experience is murmured in social dialogues, or when someone shares a similar experience.

These phenomenal experiences can be attributed to an external divine intervention, pattern recognition, or the manifestation of thoughts, and although the myriad of variables or interpretations are conducive to ones subjective ideology and personal biases, there’s an undeniable correlation between quantum entanglement, the chameleon effect and coincidences.

There’s a symbiosis between the sequence of unrelated events, scenarios, subatomic particles and objects, and if there’s an underpinning law that governs the arbitrariness of thing, then there’s truly a dichotomy between the chaos vs narratives of life. A discourse we must ruminate with humility!

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The idea of a drug treatment used to fight HIV, might stave off multiple sclerosis (MS) was first propounded in 2011 by Julian Gold of Prince of Wales Hospital in Sidney, according to Medical News Today. Dr Golds suspicion was confirmed in a study published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. HIV patients may lower the risk of developing muscular sclerosis.

Dr Gold treats HIV and Muscular Sclerosis (MS) patients, and over the years he’s never encounter a case of both disease existing simultaneously. There were over 600,000 papers published on HIV/AIDS and 300,000 on MS; no patients were referred to pair both disease. There were instances where HIV existed with symptoms of MS, but the antiretroviral used to suppress the progression of HIV seemed to shrug-off the MS.

HIV destroy the cells while weakening the immune system, and MS is an autoimmune disease that affects the spinal chord and brain. The antiretroviral drug counterattacks the HIV virus while indirectly resolving another medical problem. A prime example of a synthesis deriving from an antithesis, it’s like an equilibrium, where opposing forces balances another medical issue. We’ve seen instances in movies where the rivalry between the protagonist and antagonist seems irreconcilable, but by some external divine intervention they collaborate for a greater cause.

Antithesis is the contrast or opposition of an idea or concept, and synthesis is the unified whole of mutually exclusive elements, or the reconciliation of contradictory ideas where a new idea is formed. This concept has been perfectly demonstrated within the medical field. Our perception of the world is constructed around polar opposites, a notion demonstrated in Issac Newton’s Three Laws of Motion, a law in nature that laid the foundation for classical mechanics.

Primarily the “Third Law” which states; every force or action is contingent on an equal reactive force. Meaning if force is applied to a cup on a table, its motion and velocity should be perpetual, but what hinders or constricts an object in motion is an external force; like the tables contrasting friction applied to the cup in motion, hence it stops. Or the “First Law” which states; an object in uniform motion stays in motion unless acted upon by any given force.

Change or ingenuity always seems to be conducive to the confrontation of opposites; conflicts between opposing classes induces a social change; a congressional rivalry between political parties in the Senate and House of Representatives, resulting in a bipartisan. Political movements united in the struggle against capitalism and the wealthy class, resulting in a revolution or qualitative change. Intense cardiovascular weakens the heart while strengthening it.

Professor John Nash, famous quote in the movie “A Beautiful Mind, “I’ve made the most important discovery of my life. It’s only in the mysterious equation of love that any logic or reasons can be found.” The perfect symbiosis between the logic and reason behind mathematics and the mysterious enigma of love. His most important discoveries came through the merging of mutually exclusive elements.

We’re warped into a universe that inherently navigates itself around opposing forces; matter and antimatter; inside the atom on a subatomic level protons have a positive electric charge while electrons have a negative electric charge. The pleasure vs displeasure psychology of roller-coasters, the sudden surge and cascading jerk that releases dopamine and adrenaline rush in the brain. What I find intriguing is not their equilibriums, because that’s inevitable, opposing forces will eventually balance itself out. The phenomenon is the skewed and non-linear unanticipated results that springs forth the paradigm of a new innovation.

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Steven Spinola, 65, has been the longest serving president of The Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), the city’s leading trade association with approximately 15,000 members. The Influential trade group and real estate advocacy organization for housing and home development throughout the city. Mr Spinola, announced his premature departure in 2015, to the board of governors while acknowledging his most current signed extension will presumably be his final contract. Steven has served the board since 1986, his plans will be focused on consulting roles while serving on the advisory board in forthcoming years.

REBNY, was established in 1896, and is a conglomeration of property owners, appraisers, architects, attorneys, insurance companies, managers, brokers, public agencies, developers, banks, utilities, consultants, institutions and multiple individuals professionally interested in the city’s real-estate. Mr Spinola’s departure announcement seems impeccable amid the progressive Mayor Bill de Blasio’s audacious proposal of housing preservation in the next decade.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, set-forth his highly anticipated housing plan, an objective geared towards preserving 200,000 affordable apartments across all five boroughs in the coming decade. This unprecedented affordability plan has exceeded any of its kind in the nations history. The progressive Mayor has vowed to make affordable housing a compulsory inclusionary zoning for large scale developers, or developers must implement affordable units if permission should be granted for bigger infrastructures.

The $41.1 billion program relies on federal, city, state and private fundings, 40 percent focuses on new construction while 60 percent will be allotted for preservation. The Mayor, has emphasized on the inequality disparity crisis, and the affordable housing plan would accommodate New Yorkers ranging below the economic spectrum, to middle income class experiencing spiraling rent increase in their community. A pledge he claims would benefit all citizens.

This plan engages the crisis of affordability from multiple angles, a housing strategy innovation that will spur economic development and revitalize neighborhoods. A corporation between government and the private sector in merging to achieve these ambiguous goals. Quite an economic transition to shift from costly homeless shelters to stable affordable housings, a measure that will not only accommodate the homeless, but people with physical limitations and mental illnesses. A peculiar way to decrease or reverse the unprecedented surge of homelessness in the city.

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The earth rotates on an imaginary axis while orbiting elliptically, (oval-shape spin) tilted on a non-perpendicular axis spinning at approximately 1,000 miles per hour, with a 24 hr complete rotation while orbiting the sun. The moon orbits the earth on a tilted axis, rotating simultaneously semi-parallel to the earth; a counterclockwise synchronicity I find intriguing, and the comradery between these celestial objects and their spatial harmonious revolution is truly a cosmic art.

The moon and earth appears to be rotating and orbiting counterclockwise, but it’s relative with respect to if the observer is viewing it from the North or South Pole. Imaginary geographic grids called parallel latitude and meridian longitude are methods of accurately measuring the position on any given place on earth. The distance between the moon and earth while orbiting is approximately 380,000 km.

The Article of Confederation represented the first constitutional agreement between US States, an agreement that lackluster because of empowered state sovereignty, one that superseded a strong central government. There was no executive branch or national judicial court systems, and the federal government lacked the power to collect taxes, enforce laws and regulate interstate commerce across colonial boundaries.

Hence the irony of a prerequisite being the forthcoming of the US constitution.


The first 3 Articles of the 7 Articles that precedes the 27 Amendments of the Constitution, explains the different branches of government, such as; Legislative Branch, Executive Branch and Judicial Branch. “Check and Balance” is a system of government under which separate branches are induced to share their powers, a means of guarding individual rights and civil liberties against tyranny and despotism.

Congress consist of two branches; The Senate and House of Representatives, both former and latter is elected by the people. A bicameral the Founding Fathers expressed explicitly in the Constitution; two chambers contingent on unanimous votes before legislation can be approved. These two branches have a contrasting bureaucracy, a House bill debated and voted in a day can linger for weeks in the Senate.


Protons and neutrons are at the core center of the atom making up the nucleus, bonded by a strong electromagnetic force, and spiraling around miles away is the electrons, (with respect to the atoms size) while propagating electrons behave like waves and particles. A peculiar analogy we can equate to Congress being the Nucleus (Proton & Neutron), The Senate and House of Representatives, being the Protons and Neutrons, and spiraling miles away is the Electrons, equatable to The United States Constitution. The electromagnetic force being the “check and balance” that binds particles, equivalent to predicating legislation and holds a system together.

And how can we exclude the intriguing phenomenon of an electron behaving like a wave and a particle, one you can equate to the ambiguity of the United States Constitution, and it’s polysemic interpretations. Conceptual mappings across mutually exclusive domains are quite a peculiar mnemonics you can use to retain information indefinitely, simply because the cross-platforming between domains are intertwined in a very analogical way. And if you observe the first two paragraphs on the solar system, you’ll see a strong correlation between celestial relationships and the atom.

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