What can we say but “Thanks“?

This website simply wouldn’t be possible were it not for the savvy and the caring of countless New Yorkers who answer all those endless (and often endlessly fascinating) questions people have about this incredible place we call New York City.

Frankly, we’re amazed at how much you guys know. Everything from the real scoop on NYC lore like the chances of finding Alligators in the sewers (slim to none) to scouting some of the best deals in town. But there’s one thing all of you have in common: Day in, day out—even on Sundays—you act as samaritans. You hear a call for help and you come running. You roll up your sleeves, step up to the plate and knock one over the right field fence.

In short, you make all of us proud.

In a city that never sleeps, a city where things move at the speed of light and wait for no one, you take the time to lend a stranger a hand, offer advice no one could find in a book, and, in doing, give this city a truly human face—even if no one will ever know who you really are.

Then you come back and do it again the next day.

Well, we’re making it official: We take our hats off to each and every one of you.

And while we know that none of you do this for praise, we thought you might like hearing (reading, actually) some of the praise you’ve earned.

Here are just some of the Thank you messages we’ve received—exactly as they’ve come to us—from people all over the globe who decided to askanewyorker.

From Bogios, Jan. 2009:
You guys are all really helpful. This is a great site and I am glad that I’ve found it, so thank you all very much! I’m sure I’ll have a million other questions along the way. I appreciate everyone’s help.

From Charles, Nov. 2006:
Thanks to all the great advice from everyone here my trip to NY was wonderful. I spent too much, ate too much and bought too much and loved every minute of it…thanks again!

From Sarah, Jul. 2007:
Thanks I really appreciate all this useful information from you guys, so much better than the standard info you get from the average travel-guides. And also thanks to you, I now know where to find the best cheesecake and cannoli in town ! I just love this website.

From Austin B., Oct. 2007:
Y’know, I live in England but the number of friendly people who contribute to this site is absolutely tremendous. I think that’s what makes it what it is. First place I look when I visit.

From Lauren and Libby, April 2008:
Thank you for this forum, I have learned a lot from this site that is not in any of the many many travel books that we have!! Thank you!!

From Jeanette, Feb. 2004:
I just wanted to say that this forum is a really good initiative and it’s wonderful that New Yorkers actually take time to answer all these questions. I got some great advice on here that will make my stay in NYC a lot easier, so thank you people! I might pop in here again some time by the time I’m actually going to NYC. In the meantime: keep up the good work New Yorkers! You people are really nice.

From Deanne, January 2007:
I am telling everyone I know who ever plans to take a trip to NYC to come to this website! I would never be able to obtain the information that you guys are providing me on my own by calling around to various businesses, etc. I love being able to communicate with you all! I am soo pumped for this vacation, I am trying to plan it out as much as I can in an attempt to get the most out of my stay, I am also driving my boyfriend nuts, because I am always going back to him with this information and he never hears the end of it!

From Natalie, June 2006:
I landed this morning having spent just under three weeks in New York. I am so sad now!! I even bought ice cream to cheer myself up!! Thanks to you guys who answered questions to things I’d posted and to all the posts because they really helped me. This is by far the best NY msg board I’ve visited! I’m sure I’ll keep checking it, so I can relive some moments and maybe help others!!

From Tiffany, Feb. 2007:
I LOVE this forum! I have found sooooooooo many answers and tips just lurking!

From Paolo, Jan. 2004:
I just wanted to say that I asked a lot of questions to the New Yorkers that visit this website, and with your tips and advice I had the greatest time ever in NY!!! Thanks a lot!!

From Tim, June 2006:
I leave for my first trip to America tomorrow to NYC, 4:00 out of Heathrow, landing in Newark at about 6:00. I can’t wait to finally get there! I’m so looking forward to it. Just like to say a big thank you to the people on this forum who have helped me out with answering my questions, so see ya in NYC!!!! Thanks.

From Lucy, March 2004:
Thanks everyone! You guys have been so helpful. I’ve asked a dozen questions and someone has answered everyone. I’ve read a lot of helpful and interesting info about NY from you all, love this site. Every city should have something like this. Keep up the good work.

From Brady, July 2006:
…wanted to give a heartfelt shout out to your website!! My husband and Ijust returned from a 4 day visit to NYC and I got most of my helpful info from your site!!! We had a great time! Thanks for all the tips!

From Darlene, Apr. 2003:
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I am so glad I found this site to ask questions about NYC before we made our trip! We had a fabulous time and we are already talking about our next trip! I don’t know where NYers got the bad rep from but we were just blown away by everyone’s willingness to help us.
We got to see… Empire State Building , Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island, China Town , Little Italy, a Broadway Show (Mamma Mia!), Times Square , Rockefeller Center , and the Today Show. And we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge ! We only got to see a very little piece of Central Park , but it was lovely. All of this is 2 & 1/2 days! We could never have done this without all the help from everyone here! Thank you again!!! Can’t wait to go back!!

Dec. 6, 2003, in the London Times Travel Section:
Going to New York and desperate to know where to find the best pizza slice or the quickest way of reaching JFK? Post a question at www.askanewyorker.com and back comes a flood of replies from the people who know the city best — its own citizens. Everything from piano bars that serve food and nighttime no-go areas, to ways of entertaining teens in Manhattan . It’s free — so is this the end of the travel guidebook?

From Kelly A., July 2004:
Hello! Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read and respond with thoughtful answers. I have really enjoyed reading the wealth of information provided by you on this site. I wrote previously inquiring about the personality of everyone’s neighborhoods, and enjoyed the responses!

From Juan, June 2006:
Hello everyone. I just moved to Brooklyn from Florida and before I chose Brooklyn, I had posted in the forum to get feedback from people concerning where I should live. I would like to tell those who assisted me in this decision, Thank you very much for the informative feedback. Now that the girlfriend and I have a nice place in a nice area,I am looking for work.

From The Great Dane, Sep. 2004:
Again I have to thank you guy (- and girls)
I can’t think of any other sites where you’ll have as quick and polite response – THANK YOU ALL! If any one you ever comes to Denmark please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you.

From Bee, Sep. 04:
You guys are awesome!!!!!!! 🙂
I’ll go tell everyone that New Yorkers are the friendliest people in spite of what a lot of people here (in Hungary ) think… 😉

From Mrvica, Dec. 04:
Thank you for helping us planing and realising the vacation of our life – last summer in New York . We speak about our vacation in NYC repeatedly and never forget how many a New Yorker helped us. Thanks again! Almost every day I (Mrvica) come on this site, and after that I feel much better and happy because I feel that I find fellow-souls.

From Lulurose, Jan. 05:
I am finding so much help from so many people with this and I just want to say thank you already……Who is it anyway who says New Yorkers are all rude, crude and inconsiderate????